“Notes From The Drift” Available May 2018

Early Endorsements

“Intriguing and beautifully written, ‘Notes From The Drift’ represents the emergence of a uniquely American Daoist sensibility -- inspiring and practically cosmological. Forgoing classical Daoist idioms and jargon, these writings find their truth in the living landscape of the American continent. For the last decade Anthony Guilbert has been a compelling presence in the mind/body world. ‘Notes From The Drift’ reaches a new summit in Anthony’s work.”

--Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, author of The Healing Promise of Qi.

About This Book:

"Notes From The Drift" is a departure from the non-fiction, mind/body based articles I’ve written over the last decade, and an even a farther departure from my previous four books of poetry. So much so, that I have struggled with how to define it. Written in a short form of poetic prose, these “Notes” are literally reflections and insights rendered from an impulse to explore the flow of the world.  The text itself is non-linear, presenting chapters that host a rhizomatic interplay of ideas and notions. So you could start from almost any page, jump around the text, and still pick up all the major tropes.  Reading through, one may pick up on elements of Zen and Daoist thought; both of which I have studied classically and academically. Though the text also plays with the ideas of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Gilles Deleuze among others.


Recent Endorsements

Notes From The Drift reminds us of the miracle of life—just living with no fanfare, but in continual awe and appreciation.  Yet it is a poetic fanfare of its own often leaving the reader breathless and with a full feeling of one's own spiritual awakening as if being born for the first time.”  ~Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.  aka Dr. Quantum® Award-Winning Author of many books.


Written on the edge of prose, Notes From The Drift reaches out to touch us, caress us and then to move on, like the discovery of roasted garlic, always leaving a longing for more. Whilst most spotlight their own enlightenment, Guilbert reminds us that we are not the centre, ––that the recognition of our position in an ever shifting cosmos is about as close as we can become. The references to water, paths and ways, returning to the source, creating yourself en route are all beautifully explored, unveiled, gently exposed though the observations of the traveller.   ~Paul Read, The Teapot Monk, Author of The Manual of Bean Curd Boxing: Tai Chi and the Noble Art of Leaving Things Undone.